For Guys

Young Man Sitting on BenchSo, your girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant. Now what?

This unplanned pregnancy is happening to both of you and your feelings matter too. Many men have been taught to say “I’ll support whatever decision you make”, but what if that decision is not what you want? What if you want to offer support but you don’t know how? What if you are freaking out more than she is?

We can help. Our services are not just for women. We care about you too. Our advocates are trained to help you understand all the options available to you and your girlfriend. We are also able to equip you with tools to offer her support and care during and after the decision-making process.

You may not get a say in the final decision, but you can feel good about it because you participated in the education process, expressed your feelings in a healthy way and offered support to her in the best way possible.


The Oxford Pregnancy Center is a limited medical clinic. The information provided by client advocates, nurses and ultrasound technicians is intended for general informational purposes. It is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice. The OPC does not refer for abortion services, nor do we arrange adoptions. All services are confidential and offered free of charge regardless of your age, race or social status.