After confirming your pregnancy in our office, you may choose to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound. This painless medical test is the next step in determining the viability of your pregnancy. Regardless of which pregnancy option you choose, ultrasound is an invaluable tool and just like our other services it is offered free of charge.

Why have an Ultrasound

  • To verify intrauterine pregnancy
  • To rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • To determine the likelihood of miscarriage
  • To determine fetal heart rate
  • To estimate fetal age
  • To aid you in making an informed choice

Most clients are with us for 60-90 minutes for an ultrasound. You will have a chance to view the ultrasound image and take pictures if you wish.

If you have already scheduled your ultrasound and are in need of instructions for your appointment you can view them here.



The Oxford Pregnancy Center is a limited medical clinic. The information provided by client advocates, nurses and ultrasound technicians is intended for general informational purposes. It is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice. The OPC does not refer for abortion services, nor do we arrange adoptions. All services are confidential and offered free of charge regardless of your age, race or social status.